Powell River to Desolation Sound and Telegraph Cove
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Refuge Cove
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July 8      The trip up Malaspina Inlet was smooth and we turned into Desolation Sound and anchored in beautiful Predeaux Haven.  Fog and mist obscured the mountains, but in the morning the sky was clear and the mountains that ring the anchorage were glistening in snow and rising to 4000 feet. 

July 9      Warm today.  We stayed at anchor, enjoying the scenery and waiting for low tide in the afternoon to go hunting and gathering.  Sandra protested vociferously that she would not eat those “slippery, slimy things,” but we gathered oysters anyway.  As she continued to protest, I put them on the grill and took them off when the heat popped them open.  Maybe it was the gin and tonic, but before long Sandra had changed her mind.  Another convert to “plump” Quilcene oysters.

 July 10      Hot again today.  We left the anchorage and stopped at the store in Refuge Cove for water and a hamburger.  Then, timing for high slack tide at 6:21 PM, we headed for the famous Yuculta Rapids.  Even a slack tide, it is quite a ride, with whirlpools and eddies aplenty.  Through the Yuks, and the Dent Rapids, past the Devil’s Punchbowl, a particularly wicked whirlpool, and finally the Green Point Rapids.  Dinner underway.  A yearling black bear and Mom on the beach in Welbore Channel and anchored for the night in Forward Harbor.

July 11,      An early departure, hoping to transit Johnstone Strait before the afternoon westerlys.  It was a smooth trip and we tied to the dock in Telegraph Cove shortly after lunch.  We find that we have arrived a day ahead of “Springer,” the lost juvenile Orca, and Telegraph is filled with media people, waiting for her arrival tomorrow evening.  We renew acquaintances with old friends—Jim and Mary Bowerman, who run whale-watching cruises as Stubbs Island Tours.  Then visiting the charming fishing village that is being rapidly transformed by condos, apartments, guided kayak tours and charter fishing  We saw a 150 pound halibut and several 20 to 30 pound salmon.  Think we will go to the pub as we have no cold beer.

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