Kwatsi to Bond and Thompson Sounds and Shawl Bay:
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Bond Sound
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Old Hot Tub
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Shallow water
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Aug 3

Bond sound.  What a beautiful and magical place.  We managed to get out and walk up the rivers a bit.  Lots of tracks in the soft estuary flats, probably deer and wolf.  Scrambled up a little waterfall on the way back to Kawatsi Bay.  Lots of good berries and photo opportunities.


Today Sandra piloted the boat from Thompson sound to Shawl Bay, sometimes in water 185 fathoms.  The rain gave us a brief opportunity to explore the abandoned logging camp at Thompson.  An old hot tub and bridges and lots of thimble and salmon berries.  Excellent bear habitat!  And just look at what they have done with their lawn mower.  Not such a bad idea

Aug 5

Got into Shawl Bay last night to anchor then onto the dock this morning.  More rain.  We have a four o-clock appointment to do laundry!
The Highlight of the evenings festivities on the dock was the gasoline powered blender making margaritas.  And now we are off into the fog for Kingcome Inlet.

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Bond Sound
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