Mackenzie Sound, Insect Island and Return Home:
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Insect Island
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August 11

After leaving Kingcome Inlet, we visited two of the largest marinas in the area:  Greenwood Sound and Sullivan Bay.  We were able to replenish some of our provisions—wine and some meager vegetables and fruit.  But we found the marinas basically uninteresting.

Then to Mackenzie Sound, perhaps the most beautiful area we have visited.  We anchored for two nights in Burly Bay, behind a small island just beyond the entrance to the Sound.  The anchorage has been placid, sheltered from all winds and currents.

We traveled by skiff the seven miles to the end of the Sound where we found a large logging operation, and also stopped in at Little Nimmo Bay where there is a high-end helicopter fishing resort. 

But these were uninteresting compared to the beauty of our little anchorage in Burly Bay.

We visited with Sharon Comeau aboard “Columbia” which was anchored nearby.  She is a charter boat, out of Port McNeill, and a beautiful classic British Columbia boat—originally a Mission boat. 

Yesterday at low tide we dug clams and within ten minutes had filled our bucket.  They are hanging over the side of the boat now, cleaning themselves, and we’ll have steamers tonight. 

Today we plan to head for Insect Island, one of my favorite anchorages in the area and a site of special significance to native people.  There is an extensive miden on Insect Island, indicating that it has been used for hundreds of years.

Tomorrow we will return to Windsong Barge in Echo Bay in preparation for Sandra’s departure for Seattle by Kenmore Air float plane and then home to Cincinnati. 

Joseph and
the sciff
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Burly Bay
Burly Bay Fog
Nimmo Bay
Clam Digging
Insect Island
August 22

We said good bye to our friends at Kwatsi Bay the morning of the 18th and headed South.  Sharon (new crew member) had to be home by the 25th and we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time in case we had to wait out bad weather before crossing the Strait of Georgia.   As it turned out, the weather was perfect, and we hit the rapids at the Yucultas and Dodd Narrows with perfect timing.  It was by far the fastest trip I’ve every made/four pretty easy days from Kwatsi Bay to Friday harbor!

We spent the night of the 18th anchored at Mound Island, then leaving early on the 19th in order to transit Johnston Strait before the afternoon winds pick up.  Johnston Strait proved to be calm and we had an easy crossing.  We stopped twice to watch Whales as they made their way north.  We arrived at the small but elegant Blind Channel Marina in early afternoon, time for laundry, a walk through magnificent woods, and a gourmet dinner in the Richter’s beautiful restaurant.

Aug. 20th,  a 7:00 AM departure from Blind Channel placed us at the Dent Rapids one half hour before low slack in the Yucultas.  Perfect!  We were definitely headed south.  The day was young and the weather good.  So we skipped Desolation Sound and oysters and continued on down Malispina Inlet in good weather and made Secret Cove by dinner time.

The 21st also required an early departure, both to cross Georgia Strait during the morning calm and in order to hit Dodd Narrows at slack tide.  We left

Bay Secret Cove at 6:00 AM and made Dodd at 9:00, one half hour before slack.  With a good punch from the tide, we took the route through Samsun Narrows and  docked at Philbrooks Shipyard at 1:45. 

We made plans with the wonderful folks at Philbrooks to return in a couple of weeks to install Shadow’s rebuilt furnace.  Sharon, in order to gain an extra day, took the evening ferry back to Friday Harbor.

On the 22nd, I had a pleasant trip home, arriving in Friday Harbor at noon.  There was a large tide today, and a full moon.  Consequently, the currents in Haro Strait and Spiden Channel were the strongest I have ever seen.  Shadow got rocked around a bit, and on the last day of the entire trip, I had the first fatality.  A large jar of wonderful Kwatsi Bay Honey broke in the Galley, giving me an interesting project of controlling Shadow in turbulent seas with lots of traffic and cleaning up a mess of honey, broken glass, and the leftovers from breakfast before the disaster spread. 

August 23

Today I began to move back ashore and prepare this last report.  And evidently, the mystery of the symbols carved in the rock at the head of McKenzie Sound continues.  My camera has vanished, along with the pictures!

Thanks to all of you who have written in response to the website. It has been a grand experience to share this with you.

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Joseph and 
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Echo Bay
Float Plane
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Friday Harbor