Echo Bay to Wahkana Bay and Kwatsi Bay
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Heron (Gus)
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July 24

A couple of days later we headed for Simoon Sound, but found it pretty full of boats at anchor, so headed for Wahnaka Bay where we found anchorage in 100 feet.  Tried a little fishing with only the result of two dog fish.

July 25

This morning we sat on the back deck in the fog in Wahkana Bay to drink coffee and listened to the wolves howl.

July 26

Today we made our way to Kwatsi Cove where Max, Anca, Marika and Russel live and maintain a small dock.  What charming and delightful people!  The dock was full—eight or ten boats, and it was not hard to understand why people come here.  Located in one of the most beautiful spots in the entire area, Anca and Max have carved out a home here, just about as remote as it gets.  But the warmth shared last night at the dock potluck was contagious.  Sandra brought a slide show of the re-introduction of Springer, and that was a hit.

We decided to spend another night here, visit the water falls, and enjoy the company.  Tomorrow we will head back to Alert Bay or Port McNeill to restock our provisions and upload these pages.

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Full House
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View from the