Alert Bay to Joe Cove and Echo Bay
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Alert Bay
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Totem Face
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Whale Totem
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July 21

Yesterday we went to Alert Bay and found a high-speed internet connection which greatly facilitated Sandra’s upload of the web page.  Then into the Broughton Archipelago, a maze of small, low islands.  We anchored in Joe Cove, a remote and protected tiny anchorage.  Hardly had we dropped the hook and settled down for a little seclusion when a skiff approached.  It was Jerry and Justine van Wacken.  We had met last summer in an equally remote place, and our paths have crossed several times since.  Jerry’s son, Ron, is the manager of Nanaimo Shipyard and had helped us at the beginning of our trip when the exhaust gasket gave out.

We had a nice visit with Jerry and Justine.

This morning is foggy and we think we’ll just spend the day here, doing boat chores and being lazy.

Several of you have asked who the crew is. 

Sandra Stone is responsible for the website, and you can expect a considerable decline in its frequency and quality after she leaves on August 13 to return to her home in Cincinnati.  This is Sandra’s second trip to the Northwest and her first time in British Columbia.  She was so excited about the whales the other day that she forgot to take pictures.

Pete Schroeder joined us last week and left on the 20th.  Pete was Springer’s veterinarian in Puget Sound and came up with her on the catamaran.  He decided to stay with us on Shadow and supervised the Hoover and the deck washing, as well as the whale monitoring.  We have missed him.

July 23

From Joe Cove we made our way to Echo Bay, and docked at Windsong Barge.  Christine, and her daughters Cedar and Willow O’Donnell greeted us warmly.  I’ve known them for many years and it was good to see them all happy and healthy.  Happy hour at Windsong Barge is at 5:00 PM and we enjoyed the yarns and stories from both transients and locals, not to mention the fresh raspberries.  Billy Procter’s museum was a treat, as was his conversation at happy hour.  We also had a short visit with Alex Morton, and tried to make phone calls from Echo Bay Resort.   

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Echo Bay
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Float House
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Red Float 
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Dixie gets help
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Billy's Dock
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