Award-winning Author and Film Producer Dr. Randall Eaton offers
a Lecture on
Orca: Ruler of the Seas
Imagine a highly intelligent species that rules its world without making war. IImagine a highly intelligent species that rules its world without making war. Imagine that the females, though 25% smaller than males, govern their societies, the most stable known. Imagine a 7-ton predator with a brain larger than ours that does not attack us even in self-defense. Imagine why it is the only creature ever described by any human society as “One step above god.” Imagine the orca, a giant dolphin, tame to humans during capture. They communicate via sound holograms, the most advanced system known. With sonar, the equivalent of X-ray vision, orcas live in totally honest societies.
Dr. Randall Eaton, Ph.D.

For 20 years, from 1976 to 1996, Dr. Randy Eaton studied orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. He and his research volunteers actually befriended wild orcas. His book, The Orca Project~ A Meeting of Nations and his video, Orca: The Sacred Whale, examine the unique behavior of orcas and their exceptional relationship with humans across time and space.
As president of the Orca Society, University of Washington, Dr. Eaton edited the popular science magazine, Orca: Marine Mammals and Humans. His communications have appeared everywhere from Science and Evolution to Sports Illustrated and Magical Blend. He has been interviewed in Sports Illustrated, Saturday Review, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. Dr. Eaton gave a speech on ecological problems in the U.S. that was broadcast by CBS TV National News, and PBS Nova interviewed him about endangered species.
Dr. Eaton has held faculty positions in zoology, psychology and humanities at the University of Washington, the University of Georgia, Florida Atlantic University, etc. Winner of two national book awards as well as numerous writing and film awards. Named “Distinguished Conservationist” for 2000 by North Carolina State University. A Pipe Holder in the Cherokee tradition, he lectures widely.

As the peaceful ruler of
its world, is the orca a master
teacher for humanity?
An orca spyhops at Orca Project volunteers
“Fascinating…one of the few truly humanistic scientists.”
Edward O. Wilson, Harvard
“…program was great and extremely well received by a diverse audience…a very powerful speaker.”
Thayne Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo
“It was Dr. Randall Eaton who electrified the audience.”    San Antonio Light
“…truly a pioneer.”
James A. Swan, Ph.D.,author of Sacred Places and Nature as Teacher and Healer
“Fascinating…stimulating…very significant impact on…students”
Dr. Pete Branley, North Carolina State Univ.
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