The Dolphin and Whale Magazine   Volume I,  No. 2   March 2011 

Contents of the Second Issue

Editorial:   Why Do Dolphins Turn the Cheek ?

Interview:  Interspecies Communication and Indigenous Wisdom   An Interview with Four Arrows 

Articles:   Room at the Table  by Eric M. Keen.  What Aboriginal Whalers Have in Common with Whale Conservationists

                  Shiva's Return to the Wild,  fictional story by Star Dewar           

                  Dolphin-Assisted Therapy  by C. Scott Taylor  Dolphins Among Us: Ethical Dimensions of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy 

Swim Encounters  by Michael Scheer  Swim encounters with wild whales and dolphins: a mutual pleasure?

                  Captive Orca Issue Not Black and White  by Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.

                  Reclaiming Our Indigenous Orientation to Non-human Teachers   by Four Arrows, Jessica London Jacobs and Sage Ryan

      The Bubble Game with Joe and Rosie   by Peter Sugarman

Dolphins and Whales in Antiquity and Among Indigenous Cultures:
What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012  by Carlos Barrios

News:       Orca Project 2011: Volunteers Needed

                  What Was the US up to in the Whaling Debate?
Airborne Fungus Found in Pacific Northwest Infects Humans and Dolphins

Labrador and Dolphin Swim Together
Video Update:  Patagonia Ranges Orca Connection

Poetry:      A Meeting of Nations   by Randall L. Eaton

Book and Film Reviews:
A Review of  Dolphins and Their Ability to Heal,, by Amanda Cochrane and Karena Callen. 1992.  Healing Arts Press,

Kidsí Whale Tales 
                  Ocean Humor   by Children
                  Davey's Dream  Reviewed by Rhonda LaFountaine

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