Joy and the Jump
by Star Dewar

Why do I spin, you ask?  I spin, therefore I am!

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        Why do we spin, Mom? I asked one day. 
She winked at the other dolphins in our pod and they laughed and winked back.
Then they all began jumping and spinning over and over again,
leaping and turning like shiny pinwheels in the sun.

“Here’s your answer, Joy!”

Because it’s fun

Because we can fly!

We jump so we can see the islands,

The clouds, stars and the sky!

We can see rainbows bending,

Smell and feel the rain,

They call us Spinner Dolphins,

So let’s leap and spin again!


   Just then a mother Humpback whale and her baby, Tootsie, stopped by. 
They were both excited to tell us about the sailboat and
the baby human they had just seen at Makua Bay. 


“We heard a tiny human voice, so we spyhopped to have a look.”



  “We saw the little one.  Its mother was teaching it to sing to us.”


We heard the people say
“ Yes, sing to the beautiful whales,  our dear Jordyn Girl. They will
come and play with you!”


“We got so excited that we jumped out of the water to say,”

“Nice to meet you little human baby!”


  Now our whole pod wanted to go see this baby. 
“If we get close to the boat and jump
really high, we can see its face!” squeaked my cousin.
 I was very young and had never been to Jump School.
I just didn’t know how to jump yet,
so how could I see the baby? I thought.


“ Let’s all take Joy to Makua Bay!”
whispered the baby Humpback from her mother’s side.
“We could have Jump School there!

So the whole pod of dolphins and the two whales
set out for the short journey to Makua Bay.


On the way we were joined by our friends, the Spotted dolphins. 



We entered the bay and while the boy dolphins watched out for the sharks,
we began Lesson One in Jump School.  
This is how you spin, said mom, as I practiced
spinning under water.

Now do that in the air! We will help you.



Four big lady dolphins joined together and swam under me.



 We all began to swim quickly. 
 I felt the swell of the dolphin wave under my belly. 
I pushed hard on my tail pointing my nose and fins up and I felt
the warm breeze tickle my back, and saw the sunbeams twinkling on
the surface of our blue ocean home. 
But then I began rolling over and over sideways back into the water


“That was pretty good for your first try,” laughed Tootsie,
“but you will have to jump higher than that to see the baby!”


“Oh, again! can we please aunties? I giggled.

“Okay, Joy, this time you will fly!  Up, up I went, riding the big dolphin wave.
I had not noticed the beautiful sailboat coming from the other side of Makua Bay.
When my face came up to the air and I began my first real jump,
I saw the people hanging off the side of the boat.  They were singing!





We were sailing along, in Makua Bay,

We could hear the dolphins singing,

They seem to say,


We are busy right now,

But don’t go way,

And we’ll play with you today in Makua Bay!




The next time I pushed hard on my tail and rode the wave my family made for me. 
At last my whole body was up and almost completely out of the water! 
I heard the people on the boat . 
“Sing to the baby dolphin, Jordyn, it is jumping for you!!

“The baby person is singing to you Joy! 
It wants you to jump higher!” gurgled Tootsie

  In the distance our relatives were heading into the Bay
to find out what the excitement was about.


All of us heard the little human baby say “OOhhhhhh! when the mother and
grandmother set her into her little  yellow floating tube.

“I hope the water isn’t too cold, my little Jordyn?” the mother said sweetly. 
Now let’s go play with those dolphins! 


They swam toward us. 
The mother and grandmother were singing a song without words.
It was a sweet song like that of the mermaids.

We swirled curiously in circles under the tiny yellow boat that held the baby.
The mom had long fins on her feet that she used to push them both . 
The baby had short pudgy legs and tiny pink toes.
The mom, baby and grandmother all giggled as we swam closer,
dolphin family meeting a human family.


“Look Jordyn , a little baby dolphin, isn’t it darling?”



“Jump and spin now Joy, jump for Jordyn!”, I heard. This time I did not need help. 
I swam hard, pushed my tail down and threw my head all the way out of the water,
and my belly and tail followed, all right in front of the people.

I saw the baby’s face. She was waving her little arms and throwing me kisses
as I spun and landed on my side with a funny slap.

Yay!! Joy’s first jump was for Jordyn the baby human!


Go Joy, one more time!  Wheeeeeeee, up I go!



“Doooooollllllllpinnnnnnnn!” squealed baby Jordyn,
her legs kicking and arms waving wildly.


“Oh my goodness,
her first word is dolphin laughed the mother and grandmother.


 Now it was time for the little human baby to get back into the boat 
where the captain, crew, pillow and blanket were waiting to warm her.

All of the pod stayed and watched me practice the art of spinning
until the sounds of the baby were hushed; we knew
she was asleep in her mother’s arms.




And then we sang....



We are swimming along, in Makua Bay

We can hear the people singing,

They seem to say


“The baby’s sleeping right now, but don’t go away”

And we’ll play with you again in Makua Bay




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